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Attacks Moving
Level 2-12
Health 3 hits to weak point
Game(s) Gunbrick (mobile)

Monsterbrick is the second boss of the game Gunbrick mobile.


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Monsterbrick appears as a yellow square brick with a grate over the middle part that houses its pilot. The outside border is plated with metal. There are two red circles on the left and right sides of the brick.

Game information

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The Monsterbrick boss fight is similar to the one with the large police gunbrick. The player has to shoot the boss's weak spots to damage the enemy.

In the first phase it moves to the left, then some platforms appear that the player has to go up on to shoot the weak spot.

In the second phase it moves back to the right. The player has to avoid being being run over by shooting up. When the boss stops moving, more platforms will appear, except they are at a higher elevation than the first phase. The player has to go down to shoot the weak spot again.


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Gunbrick - level 2-Boss (2-12)01:13

Gunbrick - level 2-Boss (2-12)

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