This article is about monkeys from Test Subject Green. For monkeys from other games, please see Monkeys.

Monkey green enzymes are enemies in the game Test Subject Green. They are the second type of green enzymes introduced in the game. The monkey green enzyme is one of three green enzymes created by the scientist before being killed by Doctor Nastidous.


Monkey green enzymes have a pair of big arms, a pair of small legs, and a metal burner built into their heads.

Game Information

Monkey green enzymes have the ability to stretch their bodies, which comes in handy when they attack. Monkey green enzymes will grip ceilings with their hands and move their hands one-by-one forward to move along the ceilings. They will only move along the ceilings, as their legs are probably not strong enough to be on the ground.

They will reverse direction when they come to the end of a platform or into another platform, as they also do not posses the ability to move along vertical platforms. When Blue walks directly under them, they will let go of the ceiling and drop to the ground to crush Blue. When about to touch the ground, their built in burner will activate and form a sort of hot air balloon, which the monkey uses to float back to the ceiling.

A strategy to kill it is to force the enzyme to come down and dodge it, followed by shooting the enzyme.

Green enzyme 'monkey' bug

When Test Subject Green was first released, there were some glitches present in it. One of the glitches was named green enzyme 'monkey' bug. The glitch would cause the monkey green enzyme(s) in the level to get confused and start to appear all over the level. This glitch was fixed a day after Test Subject Green was released.



  • There is a well known glitch that causes Blue to be unable to be harmed by, or to harm the green monkey enzymes. This has been fixed, though.