This article is about money from Trap series. For money from Final Ninja series, please see Money (Final Ninja).

Mnoey (Knight Trap)
From left to right: A treasure chest, a coin, and a money bag
Ability Grants points
Points Coin: 1
Bag: 8
Treasure chest: 8
Game(s) Knight Trap

Office Trap

Money is a type of pick up in the Trap series.


Coins are bright yellow, with a "1" etched in the side. The money bags appear as a brown bag, with a "$" sign on it. The treasure chests are brown boxes with a golden lock and some golden lines as well.

Game information

Money grants points upon being picked up, and comes in three forms. Two of the forms of money is activated when the appropriate switch is activated. Money does not make many appearances, as other point related objects like villagers can be freed for points. There are three types of Money, this first and the most common one being the small gold coin.

Gold coins

The small gold coin remains stationary, hovering and rotating in the air. One side of the coin has got a "1" on it, denoting its score value (one point). Coins appear in large numbers in levels, and are usually hovering over traps.

Money bags

The second type of money is the money bag, a bag of money activated by pressing the coin button. The bag of money will spawn on the platform once the knight moves off it. Each money bag is worth eight points.

Treasure chests

The last type of money is the treasure chest, spawned upon a knight standing onto the treasure chest button, hardly ever found in the game. The treasure chest will open and close its top while waiting for the knight to pick it up. Treasure chests, as money bags, are worth eight points.


  • Money appears in Office Trap as well, however only coins appear and no coin related traps exist.

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