This article is about money from Final Ninja (series). For money from Knight Trap, please see Money (Knight Trap).

Money from the Final Ninja series
Ninja dollar
Money from Ninja
Points 50 (Final Ninja series)
10 (Ninja)
Game(s) Final Ninja series, Ninja

Money is a pick up that appears in the Final Ninja series and in the Ninja sections of Mega Mash.


Final Ninja series

Money looks like three stacks of tan dollar bills on top of each other with yellow coins below them.


Money appears in Ninja as a single tan bill with a '1' on it.

Game information

Final Ninja series

When picked up in the Final Ninja series, the player is rewarded with fifty points. They are scattered across the environment in the Final Ninja series.


They are often encountered in Ninja sections of Mega Mash, and reward the player with ten points.


The player can get bonuses in Final Ninja and Final Ninja Zero for either collecting money or doing special things. Bonuses are only found in the Final Ninja series however, and not in the Ninja sections of Mega Mash.

Buddha bonus/Hunt bonus

The Buddha bonus is a bonus obtained for not killing any enemy in a level. In level one of Final Ninja, the player is guaranteed to get it, but it is very hard in other levels, especially with blue mines or drone mines. Ten thousand points are added to the player's score if it is obtained.

The hunt bonus is its opposite, found in Final Ninja Zero. The player has to kill every destructible enemy to get it. Again, ten thousand is added if the player obtains it.

Retirement bonus

The retirement bonus is a bonus the player can receive for picking up all money in a level. This is difficult to do due to the amount of money scattered around the level and the places they are hiding. One thousand points are added to the player's score if the player completes the level with all money collected.

Collection bonus

Collecting all the money in a level (Final Ninja series) will give the player a five thousand point bonus. This is often very hard to accomplish on some levels, often easy to do on early levels.


  • It is stated in Final Ninja that the money belonged to Akuma, and that he was a rich man. It is possible he hid all this money so Takeshi would not find it.

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