Molten glass
Molten glass
Attack Causing the player to burn
Damage Death
Game(s) The Glassworks

Molten glass is a hazard in The Glassworks.


Molten glass is projected from a green star-shaped machine with points pointing in four direction, this machine having on top of it a red plus sign shaped object with a blue plus sign shaped object underneath it that is pointing in the direction in between each point of the red plus sign.

There is always an occurrence of two of these projectors, each projecting a laser. This laser appears red if projected on top of glass and purple if projected behind it.

Game information

Molten glass is first encountered in level 2 and will kill the player on contact. There are two types of molten glass: red and purple, red being projected on top of glass and purple being projected behind it. Each laser can be avoided by going to the opposite side of glass. Later in the game moving molten glass is encountered.

Despite being able to avoid molten glass by going on the side of glass that is opposite that coloured molten glass, jumping off the glass and impacting the molten glass while in mid air will kill the player even though if they were landing on regular glass they would land on the side opposite the laser.

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