Molten cheese
Molten Cheese 2
Molten cheese in Cheese Dreams: New Moon
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Instant death
Game(s) Cheese Dreams, Cheese Dreams Demo, and New Moon

Molten cheese (called melted cheese in Cheese Dreams) is a very dangerous but simple hazard in the Cheese Dreams series.


Cheese Dreams

In the first Cheese Dreams, molten cheese appeared as an orange substance with small bubbles floating in it. If the moon falls into it, it creates an upward splash.

Cheese Dreams Demo and Cheese Dreams: New Moon

In the Cheese Dreams Demo, Nitrome used a new lava physics to make the cheese more realistic. The cheese was a lighter yellow-orange colour. While untouched, the cheese constantly created bubbles on the surfaces that varied in sizes. After the bubbles expanded to their full size they would pop. When fallen into, the cheese would separate at that point and create ripples that go out to the sides.

Game information

In both Cheese Dreams games, molten cheese is a fatal hazard. If the moon falls into it, it's instant death. Molten cheese can be crossed by some enemies, such as mice in balls. In Cheese Dreams, it can be found on ceilings, floors, and walls. Even when it is on the ceiling, the cheese will not not fall down.


  • Nitrome used new lava physics for the molten cheese in Cheese Dreams demo.
  • Nitrome originally named it 'melted cheese', but changed the name to 'molten cheese' in the Cheese Dreams Demo.
  • The mechanic used to make the ripples when the Moon falls into molten cheese was later also featured in Submolok.

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