This article is about mist from Ice Breaker series. For mist from Mirror Image, please see Mist (Mirror Image).

Ability Prevents cutting with the sword in that area
Game(s) Ice Breaker: The Red Clan
Ice Breaker: The Gathering

Mist is an interactive object first introduced in the game Ice Breaker: The Red Clan, and also used in the game Ice Breaker: The Gathering.


In both Ice Breaker games (Red Clan and The Gathering), mist appears as a cloud of mist that stays in one spot. It does not have variations which have different sizes. The wind in the mist will constantly move in the same area, but mist will never move around the level.

Game information

Mist prevents the player from making cuts with the sword in that area, and if its is tried the player's line will appear red when let to cut. This forces the player to use a different way for cutting the object. Mist is first introduced on level five of Ice Breaker: The Red Clan, and throughout the game many clouds of mist may appear in one level.

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