Missing Link
BC Bow Contest - Missing Link
Gender Male
Species Monkey
Level(s) Beginners Cup: Easy
Rock Cup: Medium
Fire Cup: Hard
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

Missing Link is a character in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


Missing Link appears as a brown furred monkey with no legs, as Bean People have none.

Game information

Missing Link is a monkey who is said to have been found in ice, and joined the Bow Contest out of confusion because he cannot speak, so he could not refuse to join the contest. Missing Link is the first opponent the player faces in B.C. Bow Contest.

He appears on the first level of the Beginners Cup (easy). He seems easy to beat as he is always missing the target. He later appears in Rock Cup (medium), and Fire Cup (hard).


Missing link was recently found defrosting from some glacial ice. The tribe are not sure but this could be a reason he seems unable to communicate. He actually entered the contest by mistake as he didn't know how to say no!


  • The Missing Link is a reference to the Minnesota Iceman, a Cryptid who was found in ice and described as being hairy.

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