Homing missle
Attack Explodes on contact
Abilities Follow Fluffykins
Health Cannot be destroyed
Game(s) Carrot Story (Mega Mash)

Missiles are enemies in the Carrot Story areas of the game Mega Mash. They are in the homing enemies group


Missiles are larger than Fluffykins. They are a dark shade of purple, with a skull design that can be seen as it travels through the air; smoke can also be seen trailing it as it moves through the air.

Game information

When missiles enter the Carrot Story area, they will begin to chase Fluffykins, tracking their every move. Unlike other enemies in Mega Mash, missiles cannot be destroyed. The only way to avoid them is to mislead them, causing them to crash into another object and explode. Missiles are the least frequent enemy in Carrot Story.


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