This article is about mirrors from Ditto. For mirrors from other games, please see Mirrors.

Horizontal mirror (left) and the vertical mirror (right)
Ability Shows reflection when walked on
Game(s) Ditto

Mirrors are interactive objects in Ditto.


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Mirrors appear as thin slates of glass. One side is white and the other side is orange. Mirrors can be horizontal and act as floors, or vertical and act as walls.

Game information

Mirrors first appear on the menu screen level of Ditto. While the girl is standing on the mirror, or standing in front of one, her reflection or 'shadow version' will appear on the other side completely reflecting her current position and movements. Once the girl leaves the mirror platform, so does her reflection. The mirrors also seem to mimic platforms on the other sides of it, as the reflection can stand on invisible platforms that do appear on the girl's side (and vice versa).

However, red spirits are also effected by the mirror, as they are only visible when they are in range of the mirror.

It is possible that the mirrors have some sort of magic in them, as the ending of the game shows when the girl is transformed into a shadow by the mirror she is standing on. The mirrors erase her body and create a shadow version of herself on the opposite side of the mirror.

Other appearances

  • Ditto skin - A mirror appears separating a mosaic of the girl and her shadow.


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