This article is about mirrors from Knight Trap. For mirrors from other games, please see Mirrors.

Mirror traps
Mirros (Knight Trap)
A mirror
Abilities Reverses controls
Game(s) Knight Trap

Mirror traps are area traps in the game Knight Trap.


Mirrors appear as a mirror with a brown outline. The trap button appears as two arrows pointing at each other.

Game information

When activated, two mirrors will appear at either end of the floor area they effect. When the player is between the two mirrors, purple dust outlines them, and all keystrokes are reversed: Up is down, left is right, right is left, and down is up. They are not fatal in themselves, but the confusion can easily lead to hazardous moves. Mirror traps are found only twice in the game.

The player is freed from mirror traps when they leave the platform or jump once. It is hard to jump out of the power of a mirror trap, as once the player jumps once they are freed from it, but since they have their hand on the down arrow key, they will fall.


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