For the game, see Mirror Image.

Mirror Image is an arena in Bump Battle Royale, serving as the eighth level in the campaign. This arena comes from Mirror Image, this particular area taking place on a part of the town above the vortex.

Mirror image arena


The background is like a vortex. Lamps are placed at the corners of the arena. Dark blue bricks are placed at the left and right side of the arena, while a lighter shade of blue coloured bricks are seen at the middle. A four-eyed demon is seen in the background.

Game information

The special feature of the arena is that a four eyed demon will move around the far horizontal edge of the stage and will regularly pop up, and cause purple-coloured energy to appear across the left, right or center of the area it is facing. If one of the players is in the way of the energy when it appears, that player will be petrified. When this happens that player must rapidly press the acceleration button to break free from the stone.

Getting petrified makes the player vulnerable to getting pushed off the arena.


  • There is a glitch where if the player tries to play the Enemy 585 arena in either Last Man Standing, Team Battle or Multiplayer Mode, when this stage is selected the Mirror Image arena is played instead.

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