For other uses, see Mining carts.
Mining carts
Mining Cart
A large mining cart, able to fit two players.
Ability Moves on tracks
Game(s) Cave Chaos, Cave Chaos 2

Mining carts are interactive objects in the game Cave Chaos.


Cave Chaos

The mining carts are rectangular in shape, and are several shades of brown in colour. Carts are always located on tracks.There are two types of carts: large and small. Small carts are less common than large carts and can hold only one player. Large carts can hold two players.

Cave Chaos 2

The mining carts are rectangular and sit upon wire areas. They are a brownish shade and have four small wheels; in addition, they also have a small yellow light on its front. There is only one cart size available in Cave Chaos two, which holds both players.

Cave Chaos
Cave Chaos 2
Mine cart CC (1)
Mining Cart

Game information

Cave Chaos

Mining carts are used as platforms and vehicles for the miners. If a player steps onto a track, they will fall through. If the player jumps on a track and lands on a cart, they will fall in the cart. Once in a cart, the player can drive along tracks with the left and right keys. Players can also jump out of a cart if needed.

Cave Chaos 2

The mining cart can hold two players. To move the cart, the player must be moving inside the cart. Instead of the cart jumping, the player will need to jump out of the cart.


  • Carts may have been left by the original miners of the area.

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