This article is about squids from Canary. For squids from other games, please see Squids.

Mini propeller squids
Mini Squids
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health Laser
Points Fifty
Game(s) Canary

Mini propeller squids are enemies in the game Canary.


Mini propeller squids are really a smaller version of the big propeller squids though they have some differences The difference between them is that they have one eye instead of two and they have two legs instead of four.

Game information

They are the dwarfed counterpart of the big propeller squids. They move around in groups of tens or more around the Canary Mining Colony CM08. They are weaker in strength than their bigger counterpart, and because of this, they can be easily killed with the laser gun used by the miner Canaries in the mine, along with falling rock; this kills them even easier.

Also (unlike there bigger counterpart), they will bounce off walls and move around, instead of being stationed in one place and following the movements of the player, a common behavior of their counterparts. Although mini propeller squids are weaker then their counterparts, they are harder to kill in groups, and it can be hard to get past them, as probably at least one mini propeller squid will hit the player rebounding off the rock.


  • It is possible mini propeller squids are young alien squids, born in the mines. This would be the most possible solution to their small size.

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