This article is about axes from Hot Air Jr. For axes from other games, please see Axes.

Mini axes are enemies in the game Hot Air Jr.


Mini axes appear as usual axes, only smaller. A mini axe consists of an axehead and a chain. The axehead is shaped like a grey semicircle that is light grey at the edges. There are several cracks in the axehead. On the axehead, there is a face, appearing similar to Hot Air Jr's, with two black eyes, a black mouth with one white tooth in the middle, two pink cheeks, and a U-shaped unibrow; it appears to be eager. The chain appears as two light grey circles that attach the axehead to its block, on which it swings.

Game information

Mini axes appear attached to a block. They will swing to one side, then swing to the other side the way it came. Upon making a few of those aforementioned movement multiple times, it will charge up to do a super swing. This "charge up" is indicated by a mini axe pushing one of its sides higher up and making a whirring noise.

When a super swing is performed, the mini axe will swing in a full circle several times, stopping soon. In the Hot Air Jr. demo, the mini axes appear in room five. Two appear close to each other. They carry over this behavior in the full game.


  • Just as how the Hot Air family has a story in the Hot Air series, the axes appear to have a story as well, with the two axes from level 3 of Hot Air 2 supposedly getting married (due to the appearances of the axes, and also because of the level's name "So I Married an Axe Murderer") and having mini axes as their kids in Hot Air Jr.