This article is about mines from Mutiny. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Mine Mutiny
Ammunition Varies
Ability Can be thrown
Action Explodes
Damage High
Game(s) Mutiny

Mines are weapons in the game Mutiny.


Mines are circular with eight small bumps, one on each side. It is dark grey with a light grey skull and crossbones design in the center. The mine will start to flash red when activated, and will explode in a fiery blast after detonation.

Game information

The player cannot drop mines anywhere on the stage. Rather, he/she has to throw them from an existing pirate. When a mine has been thrown, it will remain in its position. If another pirate or an enemy approaches the mine and gets too close, the mine will start to flash red and beep. After a few seconds, the mine will then explode and damage or kill any pirates or enemies that are near it. If a character is near the explosion but is not killed by it, then he/she will be blown away slightly by the blast. This can be dangerous, especially in areas where there are gaps leading to the water below.


Click the mine and drag with your mouse to aim set the power. It will detonate when another player moves nearby.


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