This article is about mines from Mega Mash. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Flying enemy Ninja
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving and spinning
Health One hit from ninja star
Points 100
Game(s) Ninja (Mega Mash)

Mines are enemies first introduced in level three of the game Mega Mash, appearing only in the Ninja segments of the game. Mines are in the basic enemies group basic enemies 1.


Mines are sphere-shaped with two small legs on the bottom and a propeller on top. In the center of the mine is a red robotic eye. The sphere of the mines constantly rotates.

Game information

Mines yield no attack on Takeshi, other than hurting him on direct contact. As they spin in the air, they travel in another direction when they hit a wall or ceiling of the level. Once hit by a ninja star, they are instantly destroyed.

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