This article is about mines from Final Ninja series. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Drone mine moving vertical
Attack Explode on contact
Abilities Moving
Health 1 hit (body, ninja star)
Game(s) Final Ninja series

Mines are enemies in the Final Ninja series that also appear in the Mega Mash game Ninja.


Mines in the Final Ninja series levitate in mid air, and their general appearance of them is a rotating sphere with two lights.

Game information

Final Ninja series

Talk 5

Lady Snow Fox introducing drone mines

Mines are common and weak enemies in both Final Ninja games. All mines take one ninja star to destroy, and upon setting off the alarm the mines will be spawned out of spawners in the ceiling and home in on the player. Some will spawned infinitely out of spawners when the alarm is on or off, but when the alarm is off they will not be spawned out.

When mines are not trying to home in on the player, they can be seen moving in vertical or horizontal movements. They are not harmed by hazards such as cutting lasers or hot laser beams.

Mega Mash

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Mines also appear in Mega Mash, but act differently.


There are variations of mines which appear mostly throughout the Final Ninja series.

  • Drone mines
  • Green mines - Can be hacked to gain full control over one. They can be used to safely scout an area, destroy enemies or activate switches.
  • Blue mines - Have the same behaviour as drone mines, but with a different appearance. They only appear in Final Ninja.
  • Mines (Mega Mash) - Bounce around the top of the area. They spin while moving.

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