This article is about mines from Canary. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Mines (Canary)
Attack Exploding
Damage One health unit
Health One touch to Canary 214-LE, falling rock or an alien spore
Game(s) Canary

Mines are hazards in the game Canary.


Mines are silver metal spheres with a blue eye in the middle of them. When a mine becomes corrupted, small pink tentacles form all over them.

Game Information


When the aliens invaded Canary Mining Colony CM08, several pieces of machinery also fell into alien hands, including these mines.

In game

Mines were probably used by The Canaries for the destruction of rock. The corrupted mines are found scattered through-out the colony, usually in groups of three or more. The corrupted mines expand out and the blue eye will flash, making a beeping sound, all which will indicate that Canary 214-LE has came too close to one.

After he third beep, the mine will explode. If Canary 214-LE is close to a mine when it explodes, he will lose one health. Canary 214-LE will have to be fast to detonate mines. When a mine is detonated, if detonated next to other mines, those mines will instantly explode. Laser fire can not destroy mines- it can only move it. Falling rock can destroy mines.

Mines in Canary cannot destroy rock, or any sort of material. An alien spore, when it is flung through a mine, will destroy it, making this one of the few ways of destroying a mine. Mines will pull their metal in and stop the flashing and beeping once Canary 214-LE gets some distance away from it.

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