This article is about arrows from B.C. Bow Contest. For arrows from other games, please see Arrows.


This article is about mines from B.C. Bow Contest. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

Mine arrows
Mine arrow 1
Price MochiCoins: Free (with MochiCoins account)
Post MochiCoins: Free
Abilities Blow other arrows away
Game B.C. Bow Contest

Mine arrows are arrows in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


Mine arrows appear as normal arrows, with a golden shaft and tail. The only difference is that, instead of a pointy tip, there is a purple mine with a white skull on it. The mine is circular with eight spikes along its circumference.

Game information

The player used to need a MochiCoins account to obtain these arrows, but they and the golden arrows were free, even without an account. However, now B.C. Bow Contest has been updated so that these arrows are free. When a mine arrow is shot onto something, it prepares to explode. When the mine arrow is shot again, or an enemy arrow lands near, the mine arrow will explode and blow away other arrows.

In-game description

Fire this arrow on a spot you want to protect. Blow other arrows up when they land nearby!


Golden arrow technique

There is a very good strategy but the player must obtain two arrows - mine and golden - , and have basic arrows. They also must have basic arrows. The player must shoot a golden arrow an easy range in front of them, then shoot it with a mine arrow. Then, the player must shoot it with a regular arrow.

This will cause the mine to explode, destroying the golden arrow target as well as the regular arrow but still leaving the player with 1000 points. This is especially useful in single player because the player's opponent will not be able to repeat this.

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