This article is about mimics from Blast RPG. For mimics from other games, please see Mimics (Disambiguation).

Mimic attackMimic
Left: A Mimic engaged in battle. Right: A Mimic on the ground.
Attack Biting (-5 HP)
Abilities Giving Coins or 1 random item upon defeating it.
Health 30 HP
Points Medium EXP
Game(s) Blast RPG
Mimics are enemies in the game Blast RPG.


Mimics look like treasure chests, only darker in colour. While engaged in attack, they have their tongue drooping out of their mouth. They also have exposed rectangular yellow teeth.

Game information

Mimics will attack the boy knight until defeated. When beaten, a Mimic will release coins and an item in the same way a treasure chest does. They are first encountered in the Nightfall Village (level four). They can be quite strong when first fought, as they are a new enemy, so therefore, they are the strongest.


  • The mimic is possibly a reference to enemies of the same appearance from a large number of role-playing games. The concept originated in Dungeons & Dragons, and first appeared in video games in the 1980's, when Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior was released.

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