This article is about robots from Bullethead. For robots from other games, please see Robots.

Millipede robots
Millipede Robot
Attack Hurtful on contact
Abilities Descending one row at the time when reaching the other side of the screen
Health 1 blow
Game(s) Bullethead

Millipede robots are enemies in the game Bullethead. It is a multi-segment worm enemy that come slowly down to the bottom of the screen. It is similar to the centipede from Pest Control.


A millipede robot appears as a large, long, robotic-like centipede.

Game information

The thirty-segment worm (twenty-nine excluding its tail) moves slowly down the screen, turning-down when it meets the edge of the screen. When it comes down in the way of the player, it will not move down, but instead go off the screen. The millipede robot has no attack. It is only dangerous if it touches the player. The player can only destroy the robot when it shoots its tail once.


  • Since the robot comes slowly down, it seems to be that the millipede can fly or somehow levitate itself.

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