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Centipede 1
Attacks Dangerous on contact when moving
Abilities Moving
Level 1.9
Health Two blows - each segment
Points Varies
Game(s) Pest Control

The millipede, also known as the "rubbish yard boss", is the first boss that the player faces in the game Pest Control, fought on level 1.9.


The millipede is a dark blue/green. It has a lengthy body and has two antennae on its face along with two black eyes. Its body is divided into many segments, and for every segment, there is a pair of legs to accompany it.

Game information

The millipede is fought on level 1.9, where it moves around the level, slithering everywhere. It will frequently stop, giving the player the chance to swat its segments.

The flyswatter will get hurt every time it touches the millipede while the boss is moving. When it stops, it can be swatted without bringing harm to the player, changing the color of the segments when each segment is destroyed. Once all of its segments have been turned red, the millipede will fall to pieces and off the screen.


The player has to avoid the millipede while it moves and then swat the millipede's segments when he stops. The segments slowly turn from their original color to red. When the centipede is completely red, it disintegrates and the player has completed the rubbish yard level set, gaining access to the jungle level set.

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