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Attacks Golden touch
Abilities Walking
Level 1-2
Health High
Game(s) Double Edged

King Midas is the first boss in the game Double Edged.


King Midas appears to be made out of gold, being completely gold covered. Other than that, King Midas looks like a regular king. He has a gold crown, dark eyes, and a mustache. He is about as tall as the Spartans.

Game information


King Midas is encountered at the end of level 1-2, appearing as a slow walking gold coloured man. His only attack is to turn characters (enemies, player, animals) to gold statues. Due to all weapons requiring the player to get close to their victim, the player can only harm Midas by chucking the statues of his victims.

If the player gets to close to Midas, or attempts to attack him with handheld weaponry (minus rocks), Midas will turn the player to a gold statue. Gold statues of his victims are encountered throughout level 1-2, indicating Midas walked this path through the forest.


According to some of the enemies, he went mad with his golden touch power and started turning everything to gold, including people and animals.


  • "I love gold..."
  • "My kingdom will look even more beautiful with gold..."
  • "Give me a hug..."


  • In Greek mythology, King Midas had the ability to turn things to gold. He wasn't actually golden or made of gold. This was probably added to illustrate his love of gold.

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