This article is about mice from Mega Mash. For mice from Cheese Dreams (Series), please see Space mice.

Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health One hit by a bomb blast
Points 100
Game(s) Blast-Man Joe (Mega Mash)

Mice are enemies that first appear in level three of the Blast-Man Joe sections of the game Mega Mash. They are in the basic enemies group basic enemies 2.


All mice are brown in colour, with curly tails and round ears. Their noses and the insides of their ears are pale pink. Typically, they are enclosed within areas when they are first seen, walking on their hind legs.

Game information

Having no special attack, mice pace around the areas of the game in a set pattern. This makes it easier for the player to kill them with a bomb, since their movement can easily be plotted. Sometimes, destroying certain blocks within the area will change a mouse's movement pattern.

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