ODBG MewServer
An uninfected Mewserver

ODBG MewServer Infected
An infected mewserver

Ability Completes the level
Game(s) Oodlegobs

Mewservers are interactive objects in the game Oodlegobs. They are the giant computer screens with cat faces on them that are seen at the end of each level of Oodlegobs.


Mewservers are cube-shaped and have checkered patterns on all sides of their body except the front. On the front of their body is a computer screen with a smiling green cat face on it. On the top side of their body is a gray metal plate. A crooked black antennae with a black sphere at the top is at the top left of their bodies. A ridged area is on their back and a small yellow plug comes from the back of their body and connects to the ground.

When Mewservers are infected, their cat face is replaced by a giant pink Oodlegob face with white teeth and two black eyes. They still have the metal plate and antennae on the top of their body and the plug and vent attachments on their backs.

Game information


ODBG MewServer Infected

An infected mewserver

The job of the Mewservers is running the website MewTube that specializes in making cat videos for the whole world to see.


The Mewservers have no outstanding abilities, though they were created to run the MewTube website, so it is possible they were created with the ability to do so. Their weakness is the Oodlegobs virus. Only one Oodlegob needs to reach the Mewserver for it to be infected.

Game information

The Mewservers serve as an ending point in every level of Oodlegobs. They are corrupted by the Oodlegobs at the end of all levels.

The infection process starts with one or more oodlegobs touching the mewserver and teleporting away, causing the screen of the mewserver to flash and a giant pink oodlegob to come out. This oodlegob has black eyes and white teeth with black holes in between its teeth. Purple goo will come out of the bottom of the oodlegob.

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