The MewTube building
Ruler Unknown
Location In the same city Nitrome Must Die Nitrome Towers is in[1]
Inhabitants Cats
Status Website:
Shut down, replaced with cooking blogs

Building: Unknown

Game Oodlegobs

MewTube is a company in the game Oodlegobs and the main objective of the Oodlegobs in the game. The MewTube building is notably in the same city Nitrome Towers is located in[1].


The MewTube headquarters appears as a large grey rectangular building with many blue windows on all sides. On the top of the building are four stone cats, one on each corner. On the front of the building is a giant screen with the MewTube logo beneath it. This screen occasionally plays MewTube videos of cats.

Game information


Before the Oodlegobs invaded, MewTube made cat videos for the world to watch on the website. Then a teenager, who was irritated by these videos, created the Oodlegobs virus, which was delivered by email to the website. The Oodlegobs promptly invaded MewTube, deactivating the cats which protected the mewservers. The mewservers were also corrupted in the process. More and more Oodlegobs were created, and more mewservers began to be taken down.

Penguin 1

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Eventually, the Oodlegobs took down the fifteenth and last mewserver, which shut down MewTube and their website. The website was then replaced by cooking blogs.

In game

The MewTube headquarters is where the entire game takes place, and where all of the levels are located.


  • MewTube is a spoof of the video-sharing website YouTube.


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