This article is about aliens from Canary. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Metal alien boxes
Metal Alien Box
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Concealing itself by contracting
Health Middle portion:
Five seconds of exposure to laser
Metal shell: Indestructible
Points 500
Game(s) Canary

Metal alien boxes are enemies in the game Canary.


Metal alien boxes consist of a purple alien larva with four blue eyes inside a tree-like metal box holding on to two types of grey metal. The metal pieces consist of a U-shaped piece, a circle of spikes, and a black and yellow striped flat piece. The alien larva has stretched its purple roots into the metal, probably to control it.

Game information

Metal alien boxes are encountered only twice in Canary, making it a rare enemy to encounter. The metal alien boxes holds two pieces of metal, both of which have saws that move on the metal. The saws and the alien between the saws are dangerous to the player.

The alien has two appearances, both of which are in the picture in the above infobox. Its first form is its box form, where it holds both pieces of metal together, moving horizontally left across the screen. When in its first form, its pieces of metal make protect it from all attack, revealing only its eye. In its second form, it lifts up the two pieces of metal, revealing its body.

When in its second form (right in the picture), its pushing up of the metal blocks open up a weak point, this weak point being its body. When it reveals its body, this should give Canary 214-LE enough time to shoot the alien larva and kill it. It moves slowly, and since it can be killed in its second form, which it will frequently open to, it does not serve that much a threat to Canary 214-LE.


  • The metal part of the metal alien box shares a slight similarity to the metal on the end of small crushers.

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