Merge O Matic


The Merge-O-Matic was a machine that Dr. Siamese created to combine numerous animals into one creature in the game Ribbit.


Merge-O-Matic has a yellow horn attached on top of a dark red circular shaped ball. Under the ball there is a grey colored box with a grey gear inside it. On the side of the box are yellow, red, green blue, dark blue and light green buttons and green colored screen. There is a conveyor belt that goes through the box, although only the front and back of it are visble.

Game information

The Merge-O-Matic has a conveyor belts on each side of it, one for each animal to go on. The animals are merged inside, and spit out a yellow funnel located on the top. It can only merge two creatures at one time. Ribbit being an example of one of his creations, as well as most the enemies in the game Ribbit.

In game

The Merge-o-Matic appears in the game's introduction as well as the ending, but cannot be interacted with nor is seen during the course of the game (excluding the begging and ending of the game).

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