CDNM Mercury
Gender Unknown
Species Planet
Faction Good
Level(s) 9
Status Alive, returned to its orbit
Game(s) Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Mercury[1] is a character and a planet to be rescued in Cheese Dreams New Moon, and only appears on level 9.


Mercury has a quite different appearance than the other moons and planets in the game. Its appearance is orange and appears to be glowing, due to being the closest planet fom the sun. It has large brown eyebrows and a pointy, frowning mouth. Mercury leaves a glowing trail when moving. It is unknown if its made of cheese, like the other planets.

Game information


Mercury was caught by the space mice, with the intent of being made into cheese, though it is not known if that was really going to be its fate. Mercury seems to be an aggressive character, calling the moon a "pipsqueak" and telling it to keep out of its way or else it will melt it.


Mercury has quite different abilities compared to the other planets. Mercury cannot bounce and is hazardous, so the player must watch out for it not to roll into the moon and kill it. It can break blocks and go through pipes.

Like with other planets, the game will show the PlanetIcon icon if Mercury is not in the screen.



  • Even though Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, in the game it is bigger than Mars and smaller than Saturn, and is hot even without the sun near it, which should make it cold.


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