Ammunition Depends on amount of food consumed
Action Destroys destructible blocks and enemies
Damage High
Game(s) Fat Cat
Nitrome Must Die

The megaburp (also known as the mega laser or mega lazer) is the cat's main weapon, or ability, in Fat Cat. In Nitrome Must Die it is a weapon under the name of "mega laser", and is also used as a hazard by the cat during the sixth boss battle.

Game information

Fat Cat

In Fat Cat, megaburps can only be used on levels when food is available for it to pick up. When more food is consumed, the cat can sustain this power for a longer amount of time.

Megaburps can be used for a number of different purposes in the game. They can be used to destroy destructible blocks or take out enemies quicker than its companion, the owl. A megaburp is also powerful enough to stop bullet clusters from firing turrets, but this amount of power is limited, since its sustainability depends on the availability of food in each of the stages.

Nitrome Must Die


Main article: Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Mega laser

The megaburp appears in Nitrome Must Die as a weapon, under the name mega laser. It fires a powerful laser the size of blocks, that deals massive damage to enemies.


See also: Cat (Fat Cat)

When the cat's health drops to a certain point, it will go to the top of the room and move horizontally across it, firing its megaburp. The megaburp is big, close to the length of the cat, and goes all the way to the ground.


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