Mega bombs
Maga Bomb
Ammunition Five
Action Explodes in a huge blast
Damage Death (enemies), one health unit (Hazmat Hero)
Game(s) Toxic

Mega bombs are weapons that only appear in the game Toxic.


Mega bombs appear as a grey square with the middle and corner edges cut off. In the middle of the bomb is a red square with small bars on the middle of the edges. The letter M is seen inside the square in orange letters.

Game information

Mega bombs create the largest blasts out of all bombs in Toxic. When set by Hazmat Hero, it creates an explosion that can span over a large area, taking out all nearby enemies and blowing through rock that would otherwise be out of reach from a normal bomb.

For some reason, a second mega bomb will have a smaller explosion than the last mega bomb, and the next mega bomb will have the same big explosion the first mega bomb had.

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