Type Bomb firing
Grid spaces two
Numbers in brackets ([ ]) signify damage dealt by dropped fragments of a Weapon. [[ ]] indicates damage by further fragments.
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 300 330
Damage 30
Reload Slow Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

The Matryoshka is an arc bomb firing gun in Steamlands, as well as a gun used on one of the phases of the Steamlands tank in Nitrome Must Die.



In Steamlands, the Matryoshka has a small hemispherical base like the Woodpecker. The base has the red light on the top which is attached to the cannon. The base has bolts on it which hold up a piece of metal on the back.

The cannon attached to the base by the red light is silver, small, cylindrical, and has metal spikes sticking out of it as well as a golden cap on the top of the cylinder. The Matryoshka is small compared to the other bomb firing guns introduced later on in Steamlands.

Nitrome Must Die

The Matryoshka has not changed much from its Steamlands appearance, its only difference being its two back parts of metal being lower down, four bottom bolts instead of two, and its increased size and cartoon-like appearance.

Game information


The Matryoshka fires a bomb in an arc which will explode on contact with any surface, breaking into three small bomblets. The three bomblets then explode on contact and disappear. The Matryoshka is still used throughout the second half of Steamlands, even though the player can use stronger bomb firing guns.

The Matryoshka has a starting health of 300, which can be upgraded to 330. The main bomb of the Matryoshka deals thirty damage, and the bomblets it drops deal fifteen damage each, all previously mentioned damage being listed without the Matryoshka's damage upgrade.

Nitrome Must Die


The Matryoshka in Nitrome Must Die

The Matryoshka only appears in Nitrome Must Die, during phase three of the Steamlands tank boss. It appears on a middle tower of the tank, towering up. Beside it are two Hail-Stone cannons, located lower down.

The Matryoshka fires cluster bombs , which break into smaller fragments twice. The gun aims at the player before firing, and unlike the Hail-Stone, fought in the previous phase, the bombs move horizontally left and right when they break apart, so they have a higher chance of hitting the player. The Matryoshka's cluster bombs deal more damage than the Hail-Stone's metal spheres, but reload at a slower rate.

The gun can also aim and fire bombs at the player, even when they are standing on the stone platform located close to the top of the level. During the Steamlands tank boss battle, the Matroyshka can be destroyed by using a bullet-firing gun, though destroying it is completely optional.

Shop items

Below lists the shop items that can be bought for the Matryoshka in Steamlands, and take effect in Steamlands.

Matryoshka damage one Matryoshka health one Matryoshka reload one
Image: Mt1 Mt2 Mt3
Price: £20000 £20000 £20000
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 330 Matryoshka fires faster
Description: There's a shop in town that sells large spikes that could be added around the bomb and bomblets for more damage. Vladimir the Russian steel refinement owner here wants to sell you his own line of damage resistant Matryoshkas. The local barman in his spare time has taken the Matryoshka's name to heart and invented a way of assembling the ammunition like its namesake. He's willing to sell it.
Level: Armed Guard Leftovers