Masked natives
Mutiny Natives idle animated
The masked natives leader (left) and a masked native (right)
Attack Predominantly mines
Health Shown on the health bar
Game(s) Mutiny
The masked natives are the fourteenth group of enemies the pirates fight in the game Mutiny.


Masked natives wear a grass skirt and necklace. The mask the natives wear is mahogany. On the mask, there are two black holes for eyes and a hole for a mouth. A white bone can be seen on the mask as well. The leader for the masked natives has feathers on top of his mask, with a skull painted on the feathers.

Game information

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The natives fought the red pirates in the Death Bowl area.

Eventually, all the natives were defeated by the player pirates.


Get the cookin' pot ready... pirate stew tonight!

The masked native chief, replying to the pirate captain at the beginning of the level.

Mmmmmmm! Can't remember the last time we had a good pirate stew! ...Has anyone got the salt?

The masked native chief (if still alive) as the player loses the level.


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Mutiny (Nitrome)- Level 1404:18

Mutiny (Nitrome)- Level 14

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