Masked men
Masked Men
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities All have to be shot for all of them to die
Health One blow (single) - dizziness, all dizzy - death
Points 100
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Masked men are enemies that only appear in the game Twin Shot 2.


Masked men are completely purple, except for their face which is dark-coloured, which is covered by a golden mask.

Game information

Masked men only appear on group of three in the good levels 32, 35, 44 and 48 of the game Twin Shot 2. Unlike other enemies, when a masked man is shot it is stunned instead of killed. When stunned, its gold mask will come off, revealing its dark-colured face. In order for the masked man to die, the player has to go and shoot all the other masked men.

When all the masked men are shot, they will all die, and the player will receive one hundred points per masked man. If the first stunned masked man is left stunned for too long, it will get back up, and walk around again as before.

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