Mars, as seen in New Moon
Gender Male
Species Planet
Faction Good
Health N/A
Level(s) 6
Status Alive, returned to his orbit
Game(s) New Moon

Mars[1] is a character introduced in New Moon, the fourth planet from the Sun, and appeared in the game as the first planet to be rescued.


Mars is a small red planet with brown eyebrows and white eyes, and is the same size as the moon. He appears to be dizzy, probably because of bouncing too much. He appears to be made of cheese just like the moon and other planets.

Game information


Mars was captured by the space mice, hinting that he was made out of cheese. He was seen bouncing in a cage, looking dizzy, and as the moon stated, "It looks like this guy's cheese has well and truly slid out of his cracker". He followed the moon to a "shiny pipe" that was an exit pipe, and returned to his orbit.


He first appears on level six, where he bounces around and follows the moon, what was stated as a "gravitational field". He can collect stars just like the moon, which are added to the player's score. In the level, the player has to get him to a rescue pipe.

Like with other planets, the game will show the PlanetIcon icon if Mars is not in the screen.



  • He seems to be the same size as the moon and appears to be affected by the moon's gravity.
  • He states that he likes shiny objects and says words like 'derp', suggesting that he has become hysterical from bouncing too much during his imprisonment in the S.S. Squeakstar.


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