This article is about maidens from Graveyard Shift. For maidens from Double Edged, please see Maiden (Double Edged).

Running Maiden
Gender Female
Species Human
Faction Good
Health One blow
Level(s) 2, other levels
Status Varies
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Maidens are characters in the game Graveyard Shift. They seem to somehow wander into the graveyard, and have to be constantly saved by the shooter from death.


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Maidens have a small body and small legs. They have black hair and wear earrings. They also wear a black and white dress.

Game information

Maidens are found in some levels, falling from the top of the screen, or being trapped in cages. They run at a slow speed, as zombies seem to walk faster than them. Maidens have to be protected from all harm, and will cost the player a heart if they are killed. They die if touched by an enemy, or shot by the player. Often when a maiden comes into the game, zombies will spawn close to them or even underneath. All zombies have to be shot before they reach her. Maidens do not have to be protected for long, as a tower or building with an opening will cause a them to enter it and be saved.

Maiden - Party skin

The maiden in the party skin

The player gains nothing for saving a maiden. In the few levels, maidens are trapped in cages, The player has to open the cage and protect the maiden until she reaches a safe place, otherwise (depending on the situation), a zombie will walk to the cage and kill them. Sometimes if the screen passes the cage, the maiden will be killed some time after. Also many times, zombie torsos will come out of the ground being harder to hit, and will kill the maiden.

As revealed in the ending of Graveyard Shift, the shooter's purpose of his job is to protect maidens from harm.

Other appearances

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