Magnet arrows
Magnet 1
Price MochiCoins: 400 coins

Post MochiCoins: Free

Abilities Attracts all other arrows you fire
Game B.C. Bow Contest
 Magnet arrows are a type of arrow in B.C. Bow Contest.


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Magnet arrows look like a regular arrow, except it has a large magnet attached to it's tail, which starts sending out magnetic signals when you fire another arrow.

Game information

Magnet arrows fire like regular arrows. But, when the player fires their next arrow, the shot magnet arrow will attract that arrow towards it. Magnet arrows can also attract other kinds of arrows as well.

Nitrome - B.C00:15

Nitrome - B.C. Bow Contest - Magnet Arrow

Magnet arrow presentation

Shop description

Magnetic! After firing this arrow the subsequent arrows you fire will be attracted to it!

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