The magnet

The magnet is a tool in the game Rubble Trouble Moscow.


The magnet is a giant electromagnet that is held up by the helicopter. It is driven by Barry, with a magnet that is held by chains tied onto the skids.


The magnet was invented by a local Russian scientist named Dave Tesla. Although he has a similar name, he is said not to be related with the famous Russian scientist Nikola Tesla.

Game information

The magnet can be activated by the player clicking the mouse button, causing magnetic waves to come out of the magnet. The magnet will then attract anything metal in the range of the magnetic waves toward it. The magnet also has a picture of a small red magnet on it. The magnet is much like the pachinko, because it will conduct the same electricity the pachinko does when it comes in contact with metal.


Game description


Move the mouse pointer to where you want to deploy the magnet holder. Then click the mouse button to place it.

Then hold down the mouse button to lift anything made of metal below the magnet. You cannot lift anything that is attached to the floor.

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