Magneboy (Character)
Gender Male
Species Robot
Faction Good
Health Three hearts
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Magneboy

Magneboy is the main character of the game with the same name, Magneboy.


He has an orange head, arms, and legs, and a red clock-metre as his body. He has a large, rectangular head with two red eyes that are circle shaped. His mouth is a rectangle the same colour as his head.

Game information

Magneboy possesses magnetic powers that allows him to pull metal blocks to him. The blocks will travel towards him, but only if he is facing them when he activates his powers. His powers are activated when the space bar is pressed.


  • Frost Bite 2 - Magneboy appears as a crudely made Snowman with branch sticks as arms
  • Horror - Magneboy appears coming out of the ground
  • Party - Magneboy appears above the Nitrome logo, holding the Bone belonging to the Dog
  • Steampunk - Magneboy appears as a giant robot built out of blocks
  • Nitrome 2.0 - A house with the head of Magneboy appears on a hill
  • Rustyard - Magneboy appears buried in the ground in some levels.
  • Chisel 2 - A planet with Magneboy's head dressed as a pirate appears in level three
  • Super Treadmill - Magneboy appears on one level as a robot decoration.
  • Avalanche skin - Magneboy appears stuck in an avalanche.
  • Shop - Magneboy appears as a figurine in the banner of the Shop.



  • Magneboy is so far the most appearing character in a skin, with five appearances.
  • Magneboy has several similarities with Zapo from Fault Line.
  • The round cylinder on his head and his hands gives him a resemblance to LEGO characters.

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