This article is about robots from Toxic series. For robots from other games, please see Robots.


This article is about maggots from Toxic II. For maggots from other games, please see Maggots.

Maggot bots
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Crawling on a platform
Health One blow from a bomb
Game(s) Toxic II

Maggot bots are enemies in the game Toxic II. They are spawned from hive robots.


Maggot bots appear as a very small robotic worm, with very small legs. They move like an inchworm, and have a single pink eye.

Game information

Maggot bots are only spawned from hive robots, and in great numbers too. They walk in the direction they were spawned which is either left or right. They have no attack, but will harm the player if contact is made. All maggot bots will eventually walk into a pool of acid, where they become presumably destroyed.

They are the smallest enemies in the Toxic series, and due to them being spawned frequently, they often form a line of maggot bots. It is possible to destroy several maggot bots by causing a bomb to explode on one, and due to their small size, the explosion will carry to the behind maggot, and to the other behind maggot; and so on, destroying many maggot bots in the process.

This chain of explosions is not capable of reaching the hive robot, which spawns the maggot bots. The hive robot is protected from being harmed by the maggot bots, which make a long line with no spaces for the player to place their feet, so if they attempt at trying to destroy the hive robot they will most likely be harmed at once. Maggot bots can only be spawned by the hive robot, so if maggot bots are found a hive robot is nearby.

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