Lucky bug
Lucky bug
Ability Allows the player to continue once if they die
Game(s) Cooped Up

The lucky bug is an item in Cooped Up.


The lucky bug is entirely gold. Its body is divided into two round segments. It leaves behind a golden trail when it flies.

Game information

The lucky bug sometimes appears once the player has attained a score of at least 40. It flies around on the screen, moving towards the bottom but soon advancing quickly upward. If the finch obtains the lucky bug, the player is granted a continue upon the finch's death.

Should the player miss the lucky bug once it exits the screen, they are also offered the option to watch a video advertisement in order to continue their ascent upwards. The lucky bug is only obtainable once per game, so once it has been obtained it will not be encountered again until the next time the player restarts their game.[1]

In the browser version of the game, the lucky bug will only work if the player was able to collect it.



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