Rope-holding plant
When a rope is not attached to it
Abilities Holding Swindler's rope
Game(s) Swindler 2

Loops are metal interactive objects introduced in Swindler 2. They do not appear in the prequel, Swindler. Loops enable Swindler to get off its rope.


Loops have two appearances: their green appearance and yellow appearance. While in their green appearance, they appear as three small globs of green goo with a sideways metal 'C' placed into these globs (or, better described as a green line that goes up, bends at the top, and goes down).

Upon Swindler passing this, the plant will transform into a yellow sphere with yellow, tree-like circular feet. The yellow sphere appears as if seemingly covered by yellow leaves.

Game information

When Swindler passes a loop, he will attach his rope to it and tumble down in his spherical form. These loops denote when the upcoming room/corridor has to be traversed when Swindler is in his spherical form.

The player will be unable to avoid this plant's rope-stealing ability if they want to try to pass the level. While in his spherical form, if Swindler comes to another loop, he will attach his rope to it and regain it back. Attaching his rope to a loop when he wants to use it again will put him back to full health.


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