Log men
Log Man
Left: Walking log man
Right: A log man rolled up
Attack Dangerous on contact
Will roll up into a log and roll down the level
Abilities Can roll fast
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream

Log men are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream. They do not appear in the game's sequel, Bad Ice-Cream 2.


Log men are simply walking logs with faces. It has a broad brown eyebrows and a long pink nose.

Game information

Log men walk around the level, not chasing or caring about the ice cream characters. When an ice cream character is lined up with a log man, it will roll down that spot, in hopes of hitting the ice cream character. The ice cream character has to quickly dodge, or else they will get hit and killed. When the log man (rolled up), hits a wall, it will revert back to its normal form. They are usually in areas where a log house is present.

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