This article is about locusts from Off The Rails. For locusts from Pest Control, please see Locusts (Pest Control).

O.t.R. Bug
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving up and down
Health One blow
Game(s) Off The Rails

Locusts are enemies in the game Off The Rails.


Locusts are pale green with a circular green head with two green antennae on top. They have large red eyes on the side of their face. They have a small mouth with a pale green body divided into several segments They have four small green arms (two on each side) near the top of their bodies and wings behind them that constantly flutter. They have two small legs and a green stinger in between their legs.

Game information

Locusts are found floating in the air on some levels, usually in small numbers. When the cactus men go under one, it will begin to descend down on them. Fortunately for the player, their descent is considerably slow, giving the cactus men a reasonable amount of time to go under them. However, if contact is made when the locust is descending downward, the cactus men and locust will both explode and die, initiating a game over. After the cactus men have moved away, the locust will begin to rise up to its former position.


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