Gender Male[1]
Species Elk
Health 1 hit (normal)
3 hits (easy)
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Lockehorn

Lockehorn is the main character in the game of the same name, Lockehorn.


Lockehorn has a green body with a tan-white coloured face in the shape of a heart and two pink eyes which has white pupils in them. His antlers are also a pale shade of pink, and to some, resemble cacti. His mouth is in the shape of a cross when it is closed. Lockehorn has two small green stubs for feet, located under his head.

Game information

Lockehorn was one of the many elks that lived in a location whose name is not revealed in the game. When the great freeze came, all the elks except Lockehorn were frozen into slabs of ice.

Penguin 1

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Being the only survivor of the great freeze, Lockehorn took all the frozen elks to the alters in order to defrost them, braving many hazards and killing attacking snow spirits. After all the elks of the land were saved, the land reverted back to a being a tropical paradise.
Lockehorn - Ending

The ending of Lockehorn

Other appearances

  • Avalanche - Lockehorn appears in the Avalanche skin, running away from an avalanche.


See also


  1. Lockehorn, Story Mode opening: In a world long past, the big freeze came to engulf the innocent tribe of elk. But only one survived, and his name was Lockehorn.

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