This article is about gates from Hot Air series. For gates from other games, please see Gates.

Locked gates are interactive objects in the Hot Air series.


Hot Air & Hot Air 2

They appear as a horizontal, craggy stone slab with a padlock on the middle of it. On either side of it were two platforms with spikes.

Hot Air Jr

In Hot Air Jr they are very different, and they are made up of small, rectangular golden links with a square in the middle; on the middle of the square is a keyhole.

Game information

Hot Air & Hot Air 2

Gates prevent the player from moving farther, and kill the player if contact is made. They can be removed if an orange pad that has a key floating above it, is pressed. They appear uncommonly, and if they do appear usually one only appears.

Hot Air Jr

Gates get a new look in Hot Air Jr, and have to be unlocked differently. Unlike in Hot Air, Hot Air Jr. will not pop when contact is made with the locked gate. Somewhere on the level is a key, which has to be picked up by Hot Air Jr, and then brought to the gate to be unlocked. Once the key is brought into contact with the gate, it will fly into the keyhole and the links in the gate will rapidly disappear until the entire gate is gone. When the player is carrying a key, he will seem heavier, and will not react as quickly to the fan due to his added weight.

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