This article is about list of locations from Chisel 2. For list of locations from other games, please see CaTegory:Locations.

A list of named locations in the game Chisel 2.Sections on areas include the shape of the planet, the colour of the planet, the level, and the enemies.


Foreman Buzz's home planet

Level: One
Shape: Buzz's head
Colour: Bluish-grey
Objects: Gears, Drill Shack
Enemies: Bunnyblades x1

A planet in the shape of Buzz's head. Purple gears are scattered around the perimeter of the planet with Buzz's drill shack on the left side of his head. A bunnyblade is present on the planet, constantly digging.

Asteroid belt

Level: Four
Planets: Seven
Colour: Black, light green
Objects: Green glowers
Enemies: Green shellbots
The asteroid belt is made up of seven planets. This level is a reference to the 1979 game Asteroids. All the planets are black with a light green outline, along with the background also being pitch black. Six of the planets are meant to be asteroid shaped, while a small triangular planet is meant to look like the spaceship from Asteroids. Light green flowers are present on two planets, while green shellbots are present on a few of the planets.

The moon

Main article: Moon
Level: Five
Planets: One
Shape: Circle
Colour: Yellow
Objects: None
Enemies: Boombots v.2 x8
The moon is a cameo of the main character from the 2007 Nitrome game Cheese Dreams. The planet is circle shaped. Two groups of four bomb crabs move clockwise around the planet.

Magic star

Level: Eight
Planets: One
Shape: Star
Colour: Grey
Objects: Magic wands, magician top hat
Enemies: Bunnyblades x4
A grey star shaped planet infested by bunnyblades. Magic wands, carrots, and magician top hats appear on this planet, some of which are partially eaten.

Delta Quadrant

Level: Nine
Planets: Three
Shape: Smooth end rectangle
Colour: Dark green
Objects: Light posts, an avatar
Enemies: Robearcops x1
The Delta Quadrant consists of three platforms which are rectangle-shaped but have smooth ends. A robearcop constantly chases Chiseler in this level. Light posts appear in the middle platform, shining a light.


Level: Ten
Planets: Two
Shape: Pears
Colour: Green
Objects: Stems
Enemies: Bowlerbots x2
This area Chiseler ventures into consists of two pears. Both pears are pear shaped, have a stem, and both have bowlerbots rolling around.

Quackbot manufacturing plant

Level: Eleven
Planets: One
Shape: Egg in nest
Colour: Brown, White
Objects: None
Enemies: Quackbots x3
The quackbot manufacturing plant is an egg-in-a-nest shaped plant guarded by three yellow quackbots.

Doughnut plains

Level: Fourteen
Planets: One
Shape: Doughnut
Colour: Brown
Objects: Cacti, roots
Enemies: Red shellbots x3
Doughnut plains (spelled the British way) is a large doughnut shaped planet. One red shellbot moves around in the middle, while one moves around on the top.

Bunnyblade natural reserve

Level: Twenty
Planets: Two
Shape: Circle
Colour: Light blue
Objects: None
Enemies: Bunnyblades
A circle inside a circle. Chiseler starts on a circle in the middle of a circle. The circle he is on must be cut down, as the top circle is barricadebot guarded. Bunnyblades jump out from the middle planet and the top planet, and in high numbers too. These bunnyblades will hinder the player as they cut down the middle planet. The reserve is probably around as bunnyblades may be an endangered species.


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