This article is about lizards from Off The Rails. For lizards from Jack Frost, please see Lizards (Jack Frost).

Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking horizontally
Health One blow
Game(s) Off The Rails

Lizards are enemies found in the game Off The Rails.


Lizards have two green feet with three toes and a pale green belly above. They have a small tail with red stripes going up their backs. They have one eye with a black pupil on the side of their face. They have a nose and a pink tongue that sticks out most of the time.

Game information

They appear to walk around some parts around the level. They won't walk too far, whenever the rail gets longer, they stop in one part, mostly at the half of the road in which they are. They can be avoided easily, but if the player is too slow jumping over the lizard will fail, making player blow up when contact is made with the lizard.

When the player finds a lizard, the player should not slow down too much, otherwise, the handcart will stop and when the player tries to start moving again, it will be too late. Instead, the player can just slow a bit, having time to jump over the lizard safely.


  • Unlike most animals in Nitrome games, the lizards here have three toes.


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