Living gaps
A living gap in Jack Frost (left) and living gap in Twin Shot 2 (right)
Attack None
Abilities Serve as a gap, can move
Health Cannot be destroyed
Game(s) Jack Frost, Twin Shot 2

Living gaps are enemies from two of Nitrome's earlier games Jack Frost and Twin Shot 2.


Living gaps appear the same in both games. They are purple blocks with small hands and white eyes, and cannot hurt the player. They have two ears and a mouth with two teeth. They also have purple spikes under them, although they do not harm the player. They bear a small resemblance to Cuboy due to the shape of their body.

Game information

Jack Frost

Living gaps cover a block of space and use their arms and hands to switch blocks. If the player stands or falls on them, they will fall through them to the platform below. However, they can be easily surpassed if the character is running at top speed. In this case, the player will not fall through, and can run across. They cannot hurt the player, and can be jumped through. They do not affect enemies or pick-ups.

Twin Shot 2

Living gaps exist in Twin Shot 2 only in level eighty (evil level thirty) and eighty five (evil level thirty five) of the evil levels. They act the same as in Jack Frost.


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